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Oct 12, 2015

Molecular Neurodegeneration

37. Aβ-induced degradation of BMAL1 and CBP leads to circadian rhythm disruption in Alzheimer's disease.

Hyundong Song, Minho Moon, Han Kyoung Choe, Dong-Hee Han, Changhwan Jang, Ahbin Kim, Sehyung Cho, Kyungjin Kim, and Inhee Mook-Jung*

Oct 11, 2015

Journal of Alzheimer's disease

36. An Optimized Combination of Ginger and Peony Root Effectively Inhibits Amyloid-β Accumulation and Amyloid-β-Mediated Pathology in AβPP/PS1 Double-Transgenic Mice

Soonmin Lim, Jin Gyu Choi, Minho Moon, Hyo Geun Kim, Wonil Lee, Hyoung-rok Bak, Hachang Sung, Chi Hye Park, Sun Yeou Kim and Myung Sook Oh*

Sep 28, 2015


35. RAGE mediated intracellular Aβ uptake contributes to the breakdown of tight junction in retinal pigment epithelium

Sung Wook Park, Jin Hyoung Kim, Sang Min Park, Minho Moon, Kihwang Lee, Kyu Hyung Park, Woo Jin Park and Jeong Hun Kim*

Aug 16, 2015

Journal of Visualized Experiments

34. Production of Nurr-1 Specific Polyclonal Antibodies Free of Cross-Reactivity Against Its Close Homologs, Nor1 and Nur77

Pierre Leblanc*, Minho Moon, Woori Kim, Inhye Jeong, Chun-Hyung Kim, Kwang-Soo Kim

Jun 30, 2015

Stem Cells

33. Efficient specification of interneurons from human Pluripotent stem cells by dorsoventral and rostrocaudal modulation

Tae-Gon Kim, Ruiqin Yao, Travis Monnell, Jun-Hyeong Cho, Anju Vasudevan, Alice Koh, Peeyush Kumar T, Minho Moon, Debkanya Datta, Vadim Y. Bolshakov, Kwang-Soo Kim*, and Sangmi Chung*

May 22, 2015

 Journal of Neuroinflammation

32. Heat stress-induced memory impairment is associated with neuroinflammation in mice

Wonil Lee 1, Minho Moon 1, Hyo Geun Kim , Tae Hee Lee and Myung Sook Oh*

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