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Nov 08, 2017

Translational Brain Rhythmicity

48. The effect of adequate alcohol intake on the efficiency of second language learning

Junyong Park 1, Seong Gak Jeon 1, Anton Joseph Mapoy, Matthew Louis Grandmason, Devin Paul Nowroski, Kiril Peev, DJ Dykes, PengTing, Tamara Taylor, Michael C Shore, Young Soon Seo, Ji Hyeon Yun, Yuri Bae, Youngho Moon and Minho Moon*

Sep 22, 2017


47. Coptidis Rhizoma Prevents Heat Stress-Induced Brain Damage and Cognitive Impairment in Mice

Jul 22, 2017


46. Platycodon grandiflorus Root Extract Improves Learning and Memory by Enhancing Synaptogenesis in Mice Hippocampus

May 24, 2017

ARC Journal of Neuroscience

45. Learning a Foreign Language in Adulthood using Principles of Neuroscience

​Sang Bum Hong, Junyong Park, Youngho Moon, Matthew Louis Grandmason, Devin Paul Nowroski, Minho Moon*

Jan 04, 2017

Neurogenesis (Austin)

44. Restricted CD4+ T cell receptor repertoire impairs cognitive function via alteration of Th2 cytokine levels.

Aug 14, 2016


43. Protein-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Ameliorate Cognitive Dysfunction and Reduce Aβ Deposition in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Moon‐Yong Cha 1, Yoo‐Wook Kwon 1, Hyo‐Suk Ahn 1, Hyobin Jeong 1, Yong Yook Lee, Minho Moon, Sung Hoon Baik, Dong Kyu Kim, Hyundong Song, Eugene C. Yi, Daehee Hwang, Hyo‐Soo Kim*, Inhee Mook‐Jung*

May 12, 2017

Behavioural Brain Research

42. Memory-enhancing effects of Cuscuta japonica Choisy via enhancement of adult hippocampal neurogenesis in mice

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