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Apr 19, 2024

Aging and Disease

103. Skin-brain axis in Alzheimer's disease - Pathologic, diagnostic, and therapeutic implications: A Hypothetical Review

Hyeon soo Kim 1, Haram Jung, Yong Ho Park, Su-Hak Heo, Sujin Kim *,

Minho Moon *

Mar 13, 2024

Current Medicinal Chemistry

102. Therapeutic Potential of Traditional Oriental Medicines in Targeting Tau Pathology: Insights from Cell-free and Cell-based Screening

Feb 28, 2024

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

101. Korean red ginseng polysaccharide as a potential therapeutic agent targeting tau pathology in Alzheimer's disease

Jan 31, 2024

Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

100. Dual regulatory effects of neferine on amyloid-β and tau aggregation studied by in silico, in vitro, and lab-on-a-chip technology

Yunkwon Nam 1, Ritu Prajapati 1, Sujin Kim 1, Soo Jung Shin 1, Da Yeon Cheong 1, Yong Ho Park, Hyun Ha Park, Danyou Lim, Yoojeong Yoon, Gyudo Lee, Hyun Ah Jung, Insu Park *, Dong-Hyun Kim *, Jae Sue Choi *, Minho Moon *

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